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Lowongan Kerja Shopee Indonesia

Follow Instgaram @liputanjobs - The largest internet company in Southeast Asia + Taiwan is launching a new C2C eCommerce business covering all the territories that we are in.

With massive resources, deep expertise in mobile space, operational experience in the local markets and leadership with deep eCommerce background and experience, the company is confident that the new business will emerge as a clear market leader in the near future.
Lowongan Kerja Shopee Indonesia
Become a member of one of the best eCommerce team in Southeast Asia + Taiwan and join a group of young and motivated entrepreneurs with various background including a management team with relevant experience from Top Companies and Consulting Firms. This is a unique opportunity to gain a valuable and challenging experience at a rapidly expanding start-up company, without the constraints of most start-ups.

You will be the first among a group of like-minded, driven and extremely intelligent hires to drive the company’s vision to be No.1 in the C2C eCommerce space. You will be expected to take on a multitude of responsibilities and use your initiative and creativity to support the expansion of our eCommerce platform across the region.

Why Shopee is  the perfect place for you?

At Shopee you will be working alongside top talents from the region to contribute back to the society. We effectively combine all the elements of C2C m-commerce into a package highly tailored for each country in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, including :
  • Payment security through escrow service
  • Integrated logistics solutions
  • Responsive customer service
  • Fully customized (language, features) app for each country
You will be creating meaningful impacts with fellow talents who possess international exposure and local insights, as you overcome daunting challenges throughout your career at Shopee. There will never be a boring day at work!

As we are spearheading innovation and impacting lives Asia, we always seek outstanding individuals with the drive, passion and aptitude to lead the change with us!

What Shopee  team say about Shopee ?

Jennifer, graduated from University of Southern Queensland, Marketing Associate at Shopee Indonesia.
“From my first day in Shopee, I realized that the company was fully committed to offering the highest level of service to our users. Looking at this has made me realize the potential that I have to grow and Shopee has provided me with the opportunities to do so. I am glad that I found such a challenging and dynamic workplace.“

Mateus, graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University, Cross Border Associate at Shopee Indonesia.

“I believe that Shopee is one of the few e-commerce start-ups that have shown consistent and prominent development in a short period of time. Shopee provides a professional yet fun environment and as a result, its employees become more driven. When I first joined the Cross Border division as a Language Specialist, I found new challenges everyday, but from these challenges I found new ways and methods on problem-solving. Shopee has let me develop into a more conscientious and focused worker and I do believe that Shopee will maximize my potentials in this industry. To conclude, Shopee is a great place to work for a fresh graduate like me to further develop my talents and ambitions.”

Position and Qualifications

1. Admin Warehouse Shopee Express (Kapuk)

Deskripsi pekerjaan :
  • Menginput data parcel masuk dan keluar
  • Memastikan data di sistem sesuai dengan data fisik
  • Melakukan administrasi yang diperlukan dalam kegiatan gudang
  • Membantu proses loading & unloading barang
Kualifikasi :
  • Minimal lulusan SMA/SMK dari semua jurusan
  • Memiliki 0-1 tahun pengalaman sebagai admin di lapangan / warehouse
  • Terbiasa dalam menggunakan Ms. Excel (VLOOKUP, SUM, IF)
  • Paham dengan inbound & outbound serta distribusi barang
  • Domisili Kapuk, Jakarta Barat
  • Bersedia join secepatnya dan dapat bekerja shifting
  • Close date 24 Februari 2021
2. Customer Service (Contract-based)

Bertanggungjawab untuk menangani pertanyaan da/atau keluhan dari penjual dan pembeli melalui telepon, media sosial, forum diskuiso atau email.

Kualifikasi :
  • Pendidikan terakhir minimal D3 dari semua jurusan
  • Minimal 6 bulan pengalaman sebagai Customer Service
  • Terbuka untuk fresh graduate
  • Memiliki passion di dunia e-commerce dan Customer Service
  • Bersedia bekerja shifting

How to apply / register to Shopee Indonesia

For those who have met the requirements and are interested in working at PT Santos Jaya Abadi Indonesia, please apply via the following web:

Formulir Online Rekrutmen Customer Service

Formulir Online Rekrutmen Admin Warehouse

Thus the info of Job Vacancies Shopee Indonesia that we provide, Hopefully useful. Remember the lockers that are distributed here are free of charge.

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